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TeamFLC parents, coaches and players share their experiences

TeamFLC-Texas Girls

Dear Coach O,

I want to thank you for coaching our team in the President’s Cup. In addition, I want to thank you for choosing me to play for TeamFLC-Texas. It was truly an honor. Without your guidance and optimism, we would not have reached a 2-2 record. I had such a great time competing in this tournament, and I am especially grateful to have had such a positive and intelligent lacrosse coach. Thank you again for all you have done in leading us to an amazing tournament record as well as organizing all of this. I hope to play for you (and TeamFLC-Texas) again in the near future.


Congratulations to you on your honor received as "Sunshine State Lacrosse League - Man of Year!"

Awesome and well deserved for all that you have done not only this year, but for many years. Your countless hours and efforts have helped many kids get the best out of the game of lacrosse.

We appreciate all you do.

Hope you enjoy Texas!

You will be missed around here.


We just want to say thanks for a great weekend and experience at Georgetown. We continue to be impressed with the level of coaching and play that Nick has had the opportunity to experience so far. Our impression is that Team FLC is THE PREMIER LAX experience in Florida. In the three games that our team played this weekend, we did not see a single weak link on the team. Everybody played at an extremely high level and brought their ‘A’ game with them. We wish that Nick had the opportunity to play with this team, at this level every week! Great job and look forward to many more of your events. Next stop….VAIL!

Thanks Again!

FLC Coaches,

I just wanted to say thank you all for the dedication and encouragement you have given me these past four years, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had you as coaches. I have improved so much as a player and as a person, because of you, and have learned what kind of player I am and what I can become in the future. You were constantly pushing me to work harder in practices and games, and always had something wacky or funny to say (sometimes about me). Practices were always exciting and beneficial. Every time we would have a game or practice, whether I was playing for or against you, I always learned something, and always left a stronger player.

Before I was in high school, my sister would tell me how much she loved having you as coaches and, I just couldn't wait to go to high school so I could play on Team FLC and against your teams during the Spring. She said she learned so much about lacrosse that would help her in college and obviously she was right. She has been doing amazing in Maryland, and she is the reason that I, too, want to play in college. Thank you for introducing me to UMBC, because you and your program everything worked out and I will be attending there next year, on scholarship.

Thank you for all of your devotion and confidence in me. I truly would not be the player I am now. I only wish you coached college lacrosse, because I would be there in a heartbeat! If you ever need any help with camps or clinics, I will there in a jiffy!

Thank you! As a parent who did not get to attend (this years trip), it is refreshing to hear "good news" from our children. We had the opportunity to attend last year's events in Annapolis and were heartbroken we could not go to Vail.

Thank you all for all you have done to bring out the best in our players!

Just a note of thanks... had a great time in Vail... truly enjoy playing with a team of dedicated players and coaches who love and know the sport as well. It was a great experience. Evidently Team FLC was the talk of the town. I heard from someone... that the Florida team surprised everyone and played great.

I must thank for such an outstanding week in Vail - I loved the camaraderie, competition, and the pride associated with being part of FLC. A line from the famous movie, "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" kept repeating in my head: As the two outlaws tried to escape the law, they were persistently followed by a posse that would not give up. Butch kept asking Sundance, "Who ARE those guys?" And throughout the tournament, I think all the other teams were asking the same thing about us! You put Florida lacrosse on the map...(we) are truly grateful.

Thanks for letting our son be a part of your team. He is a better man for having been associated with you...In a perfect world, all of those kids you trained through the years would remain with TeamFLC...Thanks again for all you do for Lacrosse, and especially for our kids.

What a wonderful active and educational experience for both boys and girls...not only the lacrosse part but the life experiences...You are all to be commended for encouraging good behavior, taking advantage of the educational environment of different areas of this great country we live in, and encouraging and engaging in varied experiences other than just playing lacrosse.... playing lacrosse is a great experience in itself, but adding memorable educational experiences is what will keep the experience alive for all of the athletes...Having great coaches who are all knowledgeable and fun is also an added plus... You have made the experience for our players surely one they will never forget. Thanks for all you continue to do for our Florida youth in lacrosse and for the fantastic and fun life experience for all of our players.

I wanted to Thank You VERY much for planning and heading such an amazing trip. It was my first out of state lacrosse experience and it couldn't of gone better. I loved the many games, day trips in between, the other girls, the coaches were awesome, and our meals were perfect.

Thank you and (the) Coaches for putting together such a fantastic trip/experience for all... we are pumped up about lacrosse now...something we hope will continue for years to come. We were impressed with the incredible organization of the whole trip and how well you guys kept an eye on such a large group...Thank you. We will remember it forever.

Thanks for a great trip to Annapolis for the Cup of Nations. All of the coaches did a great job organizing, teaching and motivating the girls. I was very impressed with the job they did and how positive they were with the girls.

I want to thank you and the TeamFLC organization for giving me a chance to play lacrosse at the next level and a chance to see how beautiful the mountains were in Colorado. At the Vail-Shootout I got a chance to see what kind of talent and work ethic it would take to play college lacrosse. Because of the exposure to playing against so many All-Americans and the best players in the country, I know that I have to work harder to become a better lacrosse player if I want to stack up. Coach - I want to thank you especially for always giving me an opportunity show what I can do. I love lacrosse and think it is the best sport for a kid to play and want to help spread this feeling. I wanted to know if there was a way I could help out the FLC organizations by doing community service which also helps me out with college scholarships. If you have any suggestions or ideas on helping me play college lacrosse or becoming a better player and person please let me know. One more thing… THANKS to all the coaches at the Vail-Shootout.

I have attended a number of lacrosse events since my son picked up a stick as a 6th grader - which seems like 90+ contests and countless practices ago - and I have to tell you that I was very impressed by the quality of all the coaches who I heard correcting and encouraging the boys today at your tryouts. They equaled or better that what David received at the…(College) Camp this summer.

You have a tremendous staff. I feel like my son is in very good hands with your organization and I especially look forward to him receiving instruction from you two in particular.

I talked to my son about where he wants to go to college and of course he has no idea, but he indicated he would really like to become a lacrosse professional one day - which is of course thrilling for me to hear (but I have to ask him why he doesn't throw the ball against the wall more if that is his lofty goal) - and I believe you can at least through your professional instruction and encouragement offer that path to him. Whether he runs down that path with enthusiasm after he receives your guidance only time will tell I guess.

You are building great memories for our boys; memories they can draw upon later as adults when they find daunting challenges they must overcome on the road to success. As a former Marine, I have to tell you I have always wondered how great leaders were made and at this point, I truly believe they are molded by small groups of passionate professionals such as yourselves (along with some divine inspiration and some loving family members). You probably don't really appreciate how much you shape the lives of your players.

Looking forward to many adventures with you all and your organization in the future and if you feel I may be able to assist, please feel free to contact me…

Sincerely, Proud Father