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Who is coaching your kids?

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TeamFLC - we are all about instruction and development - our camps, clinics, leagues, tournaments and TEAMS - are focused on properly teaching the game - in a safe, challenging and positive environment.

Our staff is made up of players, coaches and officials who have years of lacrosse experience – no other program can offer the tradition of success that TeamFLC provides.

Your child’s well being is our top priority - our coaches are trained in First Aid & CPR and we are one of only a few programs with an A.E.D (Automated External Defibrillator) at our events

Make sure your kids are getting the BEST lacrosse instruction - TeamFLC

Concussions - Coaches Training Course from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Coaching in Blowout Games - Part 1

Blow Out Game
Each year you can end up meeting teams that are just better than yours.  It happeneds to teams almost every year.
This from a seasoned coach -

In a victorious 14-5 season, we lost to the same team 3 times (regular season, league playoffs, district playoffs). The final meeting was when that team peaked and ran over my team. It is something I can never get adjusted to, and hate having happen. As a coach you can react in many different ways - but thanks to this article, I was able to turn the blow out into a life lesson for my team.

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Coaching in a Blow out Game - Part 2

Blow Out Game

Each year some of us end up meeting teams that are just starting, down a little, or just not as organized. A blow out can happen, and it takes a gifted coach to understand that respecting yourself and your opponnents does not mean running up the points and de-moralizing the other team. This article, Part 2 of Blowouts, will give you some ideas of how you keep the players on your team winning with class and helping the other team to gain experience. 

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